Search Engine Optimisation

A Guide to Writing Good SEO Content for Your Website

Great content is one of the key factors which contributes to SEO success and improves ranking of your website. It isn’t difficult to attract visitors if the content is crisp, clear and conveys the message effectively.

Good SEO content is often an indicator of a truly remarkable website. A few tips if kept in mind with regard to quality content for your website goes a long way in achieving the desired results.

  1. Usage of Keywords: Know what the readers want and accordingly make use of the Keyword in the title and the content of the website. The importance of the keyword cannot be undermined and captures the attention of the readers. Go to for more great keyword ideas.
  2. Headline Matters: Make the headline as catchy as possible, that it prompts visitors to click and read your content further. An attractive headline guarantees you readership for your well thought out article.

  3. Know What the Visitor Wants: Be clear about what you want to offer the visitor. Condense the matter in a crisp, clear manner and put forth your views concisely. First explain what you want to offer and then go on to brief the readers about the features and characteristics of your product. Draw a conclusion or insert a call to action at the end of the content and offer solutions or tips if any.
  4. Focus on Writing for Scanners: Visitors most often do not have the time or patience to sit through and read the entire article. Make sure the content matter is not long to frustrate them or too short to offer valuable information. Keeping them on your page by creating content which is of the right size and to the point makes the readers visit your website again or recommend the same to friends and family.
  5. Stress on the Visual Appeal: Make the web page as visually appealing as possible. Use of images and videos along with quotes and expert opinions will enhance the credibility of the website.
  6. Update Your Site: Keep an eye for fresh news and update your site from time to time. Old and outdated content doesn’t work for your SEO, so make sure the website is up to date with the latest information which improves your visibility and drives web traffic to your site.
  7. Offer Page Links: Provide links so users can gather extra information from other sources as well. This indicates how sociable you are with the other authority pages while also portraying that you value the content of other websites.
  8. Involve Humour and Be Friendly: Set the voice and tone of your content and be persuasive in a friendly manner. Infuse a bit of humour to keep the readers entertained and engaged. Being a friend ensures the readers will stay with you right till the end.

SEO Magic NZ, no doubt, increases sales, keeps you ahead in competition and guarantees you success in your business. So, stay focused and keep in mind that SEO plays a vital role in taking you a notch higher and reaching your goals.