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Boot Camp Workout Ideas

Conducting boot camps is an extremely satisfying and rewarding career. However, at times it can be quite challenging too! Finding fresh ideas for your boot camp is not easy. You definitely need to change the workout patterns at regular intervals to keep the motivation high and also to provide newer challenges for your clients.

Run and Box 

This 40 min. workout combines running; boxing and any other intense workout you prefer. The workouts change with each round which means you combine more intense training in a single workout than your personal trainer would normally give.

To begin, divide boot camp participants into two groups. While one group goes through the boxing and workout moves, the other group has to run a particular distance (50m). The challenge is that both groups have to finish their workouts within the same time. You will require boxing gloves and cones which are to be placed at a distance of 50m from the runner group baseline.

For the boxer group; select any boxing move along with another workout. For example; round one can be combination of 10 high punches with burpees; round two 20 hooks and push ups, round three 30 uppercuts and planks and so on. There are six rounds to complete. Alternate groups once a particular round is over.

Combo Plank

This is another high intensity workout that is guaranteed to push your boot camp group to their limit. It’s a 15 min. workout and does not need any equipment. Participants have to combine different variations of plank with another upper body cardio workout in each round.

The participants will do 45 sec. of cardio combined with 15 sec. of plank hold in the first round; 30 sec. of cardio and 30 sec. of plank hold in second round and 15 sec. of cardio and 45 sec. of plank hold in the last round. For cardios, you can select mountain climbers; tricep jacks; donkey kicks and other interesting moves.

The cardio workouts remain same in each round. So the challenge here is that as the rounds progress, participants have to complete the same cardio workouts in lesser time and hold the plank position for longer duration.

Med Ball Team 

This drill is just perfect when you have one medicine ball to share among your boot camp training team. This 7 min. workout requires just one medicine ball and you can select any suitable workout that fancies you. Workouts may include squats, pushups, high to low planks; tricep dips, burpees, lunges, glute bridges and so on.

Begin by having members stand in a line at equal distance. The first member will perform 10 slams with the medicine ball while the others perform any of the workouts. Once the first member finishes, she will have to lateral shuffle and roll to place the med ball in front of the second member. The second member then performs 10 slams while the others complete another workout. Once this is complete, the member must again shuffle and roll to place the ball in front of the third member.

This continues till the ball reaches the last member who has to complete the slams and run along with the ball to the first position thereby shifting everybody one spot.