Wellington Fire Area - New Zealand

The website for the fire area of New Zealand's capital city.

This website is dedicated to the fire service resources of this city. On this site you can:

  • find out what those resources are
  • have a look at our stations, our fire trucks and personnel
  • take an interactive tour over a fire or ladder truck
  • view the incidents we attend
  • share the education and fire safety activities we undertake
  • discover the facts and figures about our fire area
  • read our latest news and look at the latest incidents
  • take a look at the work we carry out within our communities to help New Zealanders prepare for natural and man made events that may befall our remote country .
  • New Zealand is one of the southern most countries in the world (along with Chile and Argentina) and one of the most geographically remote being 1650 km from Australia. To learn more about New Zealand, click here.

    To take our unique interactive tour of a fire station and fire appliances, click here.

    [This is the unofficial website for the fire area of New Zealand's capital city created and maintained by personnel of the area. No information on this site purports to represent New Zealand Fire Service policy. To view the official New Zealand Fire Service website, click here]